WebcamPunks (*Matic Mainnet)

What is WebcamPunks?


  1. Allow access to your webcam on pop-up dialog.
  2. Make it sure that your wallet (MetaMask) is connected.
  3. Make it sure that you are on Matic Mainnet (Polygon).
  4. Get closer to your webcam.
  5. Turn your head slightly right.
  6. Look at your webcam.
  7. You are all set👍

👇Scroll Down & Get Started👇

*Currently works on desktop Chrome or Brave browser

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WebcamPunks is blessed on Product Hunt

WebcamPunks - Create your 8-bit-style pixel NFT avatar instantly by wabcam | Product Hunt

PLEASE NOTE!👉 One account can create only one WebcamPunk. Please make it sure that you are ok with using this image😀

Note: Your WebcamPunk NFT will not be minted. This is for ppl who just want to use image!

Waiting for blockchain confirmation...
This may take a while, please be patient☕️